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Providing free educational support to communities around the Bay Area

About Us

Our Goal

With a focus on equal opportunities for all, our goal is to bring supplemental academic help in mathematics for students in communities which do not have access to expensive tutors.

The Start

As a junior in high school, founder Marlene Monteilh had been a math tutor in her community as a job. But just fifteen minutes from her home, a different school district had over 50% of their elementary school students not meeting the California math standards. The difference between her community and theirs came only due to funding. With hopes of broadening the opportunities for young students, Marlene began her  journey by volunteering weekly at public schools in Oakland as an after school math tutor, free of charge. 

Our Tutors

Partnering with local tutoring companies around the Bay Area, our tutors are volunteers who are discovered through their previous tutoring experience. These highly trained tutors have the skills and enthusiasm to lead weekly tutoring sessions at high schools across the Bay.